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I am Now A Lead at Developer Student Club πŸŽ‰

This day can not get any better. I have been selected for the role of  Lead at Developer Student Club. I can now create a developer community in my university which will be directly affiliated with Google. Isn’t it awesome!? πŸ₯‚

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I am now a Microsoft Student Partner πŸ₯³

What a start of the year it is! Being already the Developer Student Club Lead by Google Developers, I am now a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) as well. Yeay!! πŸ₯‚

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πŸ‘» πŸŽ₯ Year in Review 2019 β€” React.js, Gatsby.js, Developer Student Clubs & DSC Summit 2019

Last year, I dived into a new tradition of writing the Year in Reviews to reflect upon what I was up to the whole year. I found this practice quite productive as it helped me to see the difference in my a year-old self and my current self. So, if you are interested in reading about my 2018 version, click here otherwise keep reading. I hope it would be as interesting for you to read as it was for me to experience. Now without any further ado, let’s jump right in! πŸ™Œ

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I Am Among the Top DSC Leads of South East Asia πŸ™Œ

In July of 2019, I was selected as the Lead of the first Developer Student Clubs at my campus. Those of you who have no idea about what the Developer Student Clubs are and what we do, we are a bunch of Google Student Developer communities in Pakistan. We solely exist to bridge the gap between the theory and practice which exists among the students of the Computer Sciences. Now fast-forwarding to five months, l am now among the top Leads of the whole southeast Asia. πŸ₯‚

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πŸ”₯ 100 Days of React – What I Did on Day 36 to 39

In my last piece of this 100 Days of React series, I talked about the change of events I am going to face from next week. My sophomore year at UET is starting, and as it begins, I will have less and less time to write. To make things work, I devised a scheme according to which I will write only on Fridays and Sundays.

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πŸš€ 100 Days of React – What I Did on Day 31 to 35

I have not been writing for a couple of days. More than a couple. The thing is I have been so indulged in some things that I couldn’t find the time to blog about my progress in React. My sophomore year is starting next week. And as it begins, I know this for the fact that I won’t be able to keep writing. That is why I have decided that after this blog, I will write again on Sunday, and then after five days interval β€” Friday. And then again on Sunday. This is how I will keep writing when my university starts. ✨

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πŸ’₯ 100 Days of React – What I Did on Day 28, 29, and 30

For the last couple of days, I didn’t write any blogs. It was because I was doing the same thing daily β€” forms.Β  So I thought, I should take a break from blogging and finish the forms first because there was no point in writing about the same stuff daily. It is still unfinished. But writing today’s piece is important as it has now been 30 days since I started this React initiative. πŸ₯‚

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⚑ 100 Days of React – What I Did on Day 26 and 27

Day 26 and 27. I didn’t do much yesterday. Just was able to touch forms. But today, I covered a lot. There is still some grey area to which I will deal with tomorrow. I also needed to wind up my work early today because I need to ensure my presence at an important meeting. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

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🎩 100 Days of React – What I Did on Day 24 and 25

Day 24 and 25. Another two days full of ReactJS. In my opinion, the 100 days initiative can be one of the best ways to learn if you remain honest with it. And since, I am trying to stay upright; I am learning something new, every single day. πŸ₯‚

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πŸ”₯ 100 Days of React – What I Did on Day 23

Day 23 folks!! Seven more days and I am looking at a successful working month. To be honest. I never thought I was capable of sticking to something for so long. But proving myself wrong is the best feeling I have experienced. The lesson here is folks: before defining what your limits are, you got to test them first.

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⚑ 100 Days of React – What I Did on 16th and 17th Day

So it’s 9:33 PM here in Lahore right now, and I have started writing another blog on my React initiative. I am planning to keep this blog short. Because I know I don’t have much stuff to write about currently. You see, I mentioned something in one of my earlier blogs that I broke my glasses. And because of it, I couldn’t do anything.Β  I thought the story was over there, but it wasn’t.

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