Saad Irfan

I am now a Microsoft Student Partner

LifeJanuary 10, 20201 min read

What a start of the year it is! Being already the Developer Student Club Lead by Google Developers, I am now a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) as well. Yeay!! 🥂

⚡ A couple of months back, Saqib Ameen sent me a link to the MSP form with a message, "Apply!" And that's exactly what I did. I saw the form. It took some days to complete it, make a video, and eventually applied. Then I forgot about it due to the complete silence from Microsoft for months. Until yesterday when I saw the email which greeted me with these words: 💥

Welcome to the Microsoft Student Partners program. To support your passion and interest in technology, we provide tools and resources to help you learn, lead, and empower your community.

🙌 Thank you to everyone who helped me in the process. You guys have a major part in everything I am today.

Cheerios 🤞