Saad Irfan

I am now an MLH Fellow

LifeSeptember 30, 20202 min read

The day couldn't get any better. First I got some sweet swags from Microsoft & now I have been accepted into MLH Fellowship. Yeay!! 🥂

MLH fellowship?!

So MLH, or Major League Hacking is a US-based company that operates a league for student hackathons. When the whole COVID -19 happened, they introduced a fellowship program that was supported by the likes of GitHub, Facebook, AWS, Indeed, Twillo, Dev Community, etc.

During this program, the fellows work in a pod. Each pod is assigned to a specific project. Each pod has a pod leader that makes sure that everything is working just fine. MLH fellows also get a stipend of up to $5,000.


I am especially including this part in this piece because from past experience, I know I am going to be asked this question a lot. What was the whole process?

There is a form. You fill it. It is quite long at least 10 to 12 pages. Fill it carefully. Then there are two interviews. One is non-technical. The other one is technical. Goes without saying that you need to clear both of them. And then voila! You would be reading a selection email with your name in no time. 😉


This piece is incomplete without mentioning Arsslan Khattak who helped me a lot during the whole application process. Arslan was accepted in the first-ever MLH fellowship cohort. He is a GitHub Campus Expert & Learn Student Ambassador @Microsoft like me. And there is another friend of mine who helped me a lot during my interviews.

Cheerios 🤞