Saad Irfan

Saad is a Software Engineer currently working at Kyte Systems Inc. He is a featured open-sourcerer who has authored over 20+ open-source tools globally used by thousands of developers. He has a knack for building automation tools with Node.js and contributing to open-source projects.

Saad was also invited to speak at the Next.js Global Community Conference 2021, where he talked about how Next.js helps to optimize images in front of 50,000+ developers. Previously, he worked as a Developer Advocate at Worwox Group of Agencies and also interned at Major League Hacking as a Student Developer.

Back when he was in college, Google selected Saad to lead its Developer Student Club community, where he held and delivered various workshops and taught more than 1000+ students about web technologies. During this time, Microsoft also accepted him into its Microsoft Student Partner program, now called Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador. Saad is also a technical content creator. He has curated 200+ technical guides, how-to pieces, and learn articles around Web and APIs.