Saad Irfan

Hitchhiker's Guide To Writing Your First Open-source software

July 12, 2021

Before you start reading this article, let me just stop you right there. Why!? You asked and I obliged. To congratulate you! Confused!? If you have decided to give this piece a go then at some part of your mind you want to take the first step towards open-source and I am really glad that I can contribute to it. 🥂


Create a Next.js based PWA With Tailwind — create-next-pwa

June 7, 2021

So a couple of days back, I started learning about Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and how they make your web app a standalone desktop application and sort of like an android application. I was really intrigued by the whole concept. I knew about PWAs before but I have never experimented with them. And this time, I decided to do just that.


VS Code Command Line Interface

April 27, 2020

Just when I thought VSCode can't surprise me anymore, it came out of the closet with something awesome & shocked me again. Did you folks know VSCode offers a Command Line Interface (CLI) that lets you do a bunch of amazing VSCode stuff right inside your terminal.


Make your code look pretty - Prettier

April 24, 2020

VS Code Marketplace offers more than 15k+ extensions to the developers. These extensions save tons of hours & make the VS sCode developer experience more & more impressive. All of these extensions are open-source which means you can contribute to any of your favorite extensions.