Saad Irfan

Student Expert @RapidAPI | MLH '20 Fellow

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Tag: Google Developers

I Am Among the Top DSC Leads of South East Asia πŸ™Œ

In July of 2019, I was selected as the Lead of the first Developer Student Clubs at my campus. Those of you who have no idea about what the Developer Student Clubs are and what we do, we are a bunch of Google Student Developer communities in Pakistan. We solely exist to bridge the gap between the theory and practice which exists among the students of the Computer Sciences. Now fast-forwarding to five months, l am now among the top Leads of the whole southeast Asia. πŸ₯‚

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I am Now A Lead at Developer Student Club πŸŽ‰

This day can not get any better. I have been selected for the role of  Lead at Developer Student Club. I can now create a developer community in my university which will be directly affiliated with Google. Isn’t it awesome!? πŸ₯‚

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