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🎩 VSCode Command Line Interface

Just when I thought VSCode can’t surprise me anymore, it came out of the closet with something awesome & shocked me again. Did you folks know VSCode offers a Command Line Interface (CLI) that lets you do a bunch of amazing VSCode stuff right inside your terminal.

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🔥 Make Your Code Look Pretty – Prettier

VSCode Marketplace offers more than 15k+ extensions to the developers. These extensions save tons of hours & make VSCode developer experience more & more impressive. All of these extensions are open-source which means you can contribute to any of your favorite extensions.

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🎩 DSC Journey – Selection, Summit, Activities, Experience

🔥 I am going to kickstart this article by first introducing myself & then why I am writing this article. If you guys already know about me then you can just skip to the next paragraph. But for those who just stumbled to my blog & reading this article because they want to get my two cents about the Google’s Developer Student Clubs (DSC) program and to read about my journey then this is who I am.

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I am now a Microsoft Student Partner 🥳

What a start of the year it is! Being already the Developer Student Club Lead by Google Developers, I am now a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) as well. Yeay!! 🥂

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👻 🎥 Year in Review 2019 — React.js, Gatsby.js, Developer Student Clubs & DSC Summit 2019

Last year, I dived into a new tradition of writing the Year in Reviews to reflect upon what I was up to the whole year. I found this practice quite productive as it helped me to see the difference in my a year-old self and my current self. So, if you are interested in reading about my 2018 version, click here otherwise keep reading. I hope it would be as interesting for you to read as it was for me to experience. Now without any further ado, let’s jump right in! 🙌

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I Am Among the Top DSC Leads of South East Asia 🙌

In July of 2019, I was selected as the Lead of the first Developer Student Clubs at my campus. Those of you who have no idea about what the Developer Student Clubs are and what we do, we are a bunch of Google Student Developer communities in Pakistan. We solely exist to bridge the gap between the theory and practice which exists among the students of the Computer Sciences. Now fast-forwarding to five months, l am now among the top Leads of the whole southeast Asia. 🥂

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Kinsta Review — A Highly Performant and Reliable WordPress Hosting

WordPress was introduced in 2003, since then it has grown exponentially to power more than 34% of the web. In its early days, it was hard to find a good hosting company for it. It was hosted on servers with other web application. But considering its growth people started introducing managed WordPress hosting, making it super easy to host your WordPress site.

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