In the 21st century, artificial intelligence is playing a crucial role in our lives.  Not only it helps us in our everyday tasks, but also in managing businesses on a huge scale. Companies like AlBrain, Amazon, Anki and many more are developing new AI tools for the world. Since the birth of the first computer, mankind has been intrigued by developing something that works like a human being, thinks like a human being, and feels like a human being.

Everywhere AI is defined as something that has an intelligence of its own. That can adapt to every possible variable. That can give us every possible outcome. But this has not been done yet. Many companies are trying hard to make it possible but have not yet succeeded.

Apple launched its first AI tool “Siri” on October 4, 2011. It is a voice assistant which assists us in multiple tasks throughout our day. It controls our phone, and allow us to make a call, send a text message, set a reminder, and much more. It is now actively used on more than 375 million iOS devices each month. Siri is now available on multiple Apple platform like iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPhone, iPad, etc.

On May 18, 2016, Google, followed by Apple’s example, launched its very own AI named “Google Assistant”. Since then, it has been available on every Android-based devices which are running Android 5 or above.

With new windows 10, Microsoft unveiled its first AI assistant for its user. Microsoft named it “Cortana”. This AI is helping the users who are running Windows 10 on their devices with tasks which were once tedious to do. It has been updated several times since its first launch.

AI also has several advantages in the medical sciences. Different kinds of algorithms are used to know the side effects of different drugs on different patients. AI can also be used in observing brain activity, and diagnosing different neurological problems.

A big advantage of AI-based devices is that it can run 24/7 without taking any break. It can continuously perform the same task for hours without getting bored or losing efficiency.

Elon Musk, one of the biggest names in the tech industry, is not yet ready to embrace the AI concept. CEO of SpaceX and Tesla motors believes that people should be frightened by the sudden rush towards Artificial Intelligence. Once chatting with Demis Hassabis, he told him that one of the reasons for his trying to inhabit mars is because of AI. If AI went rogue and attacked mankind, we would then have someplace safe to go.

Artificial Intelligence is directly related to quantum computing. Because of the rise of quantum computing, AI has become much faster and more human-like. Quantum Computing holds its own unquestionable risks. Nigel Smart, founder of Dyadic Security and Vice President of the International Association of cryptology at the University of Bristol and an ERC Advanced Grant holder said in an interview with R.L Adams that quantum computers could still be about 5 years out. He said, “When the first quantum computer is built all of the world’s digital security is essentially broken. The internet will not be secure, as we rely on algorithms which are broken by quantum computers to secure our connections to web sites, download emails and everything else. Even updates to phones and downloading applications from App stores will be broken and unreliable. Banking transactions via chip-and-PIN could also be rendered insecure (depending on exactly how the system is implemented in each country).”

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who is the architect of the world wide web, spoke at a conference in London in April 2017 that Artificial intelligence could become a new master of the universe. The late Stephan Hawking once said that at some point in the next 100 years, a computer will overtake humans with AI. If we see around us, it has already been done. AI-based robots have taken jobs of workers, and are performing 24 hours with a little maintenance now and then.

Many people believe that a machine can learn only what its creator program it to do, but this isn’t necessarily true. These days several movies and TV programs like Ex Machina, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Person of interest have shown us different aspects of this technology. How it can be used to terrorize the whole world, and how it can be used to make the world a better place to live.

When some people fear Artificial Super Intelligence, others see its advantages. How it can revolutionize our world. How it can change our way of thinking. Many authors have written several books on this topic with their own perspective. These days perspective is really important. It changes with person to person. AI is one of the most remarkable technology in the world right now. But like every other technology, it has its pros and cons. When computers were first built, no one knew that its prolonged use would affect our eyes, and damages our health. But they soon figured that out and made necessary arrangements. When AI will come in this world, as a being which can think, and has an intelligence of its own, its constructor will definitely place some contingency measures in case it goes haywire.